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Bonus buys just expedite the process. You could blow through $500 in two hours doing $1 a spin or you could blow through $500 in 20 minutes doing $50 bonus buys. You could get lucky and hit a big win during the $1 spins or you could get lucky and hit a big win during the bonus buy. Just expediting the risk/reward

Bonus buys are shit. Please dont do that. Your money will dissappear so fast. Ive been lucky before just getting bonuses while spinning. Already hit a 53k win and a 30.7k win off a 75$ spin lol

Slot machines operate on a random intermittent reward schedule. They are designed to keep you playing, waiting, hoping, for that next bonus. And most of the time when you do finally get a bonus, it doesn't make up for all the money you lost trying to get it. Buying a bonus just skips the whole waiting around process. If you are looking at people live streaming slots and "wanting to be like them" I hope you also realize that none of them are actually making money from the slots themselves. They make money with promotions/kickbacks from the casino. They are down tons of money from the actual playing. So.. are you trying to be like them still, in that aspect? It is not something to aspire to unless you are just purely trying to get lucky and then you plan on never playing slots again. Which is also unlikely. So if your goal is to make money on online slots you should never start.

Well, think of it this way, almost all large wins occur in bonuses. It takes a long time to get into a bonus. So by just buying bonuses over and over you will get many more big wins faster by skipping all the other nonsense, but you will overall still lose the same amount, because the average bonus will still be less than what you spent to buy it. It's just faster for entertainment purposes. Who wants to see someone spin for 20 min until they get a bonus and then the bonus is a dud. If every spin is already a bonus, there's a lot more potential action. (But still going to get wrecked financially)